Saturday, January 13, 2007

[Download] Floola: another iTunes+iPod alternative

Are you sick of using iTunes? Then Floola could be the tool you're looking for. Floola is an iTunes+iPod alternative that is also computer-independent. Just copy the program file to the root of your iPod, and you're good to go. It supports music, play counts, smart playlists, ratings, advanced iTunes settings such as "Skip when shuffling" and more.

Floola has one major disadvantage though: like many of these tools, Floola doesn't support podcasts yet. I also have to warn you that once you start using Floola to synchronize your iPod, you cannot revert to iTunes without losing changes that you've committed after switching to Floola. This is the case with almost any iTunes+iPod alternative and is Apple's fault.

If you don't need support for podcasts, this is an iPod manager that I would really recommend. Keep in mind however that once you switch to Floola, it's not easy to go back to iTunes.

Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
Demonstration video

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