Sunday, June 04, 2006

[News] Microsoft drops PDF support for Office 2007

Microsoft has decided to drop PDF support for Office 2007 and Vista. A few days back, Adobe said that Microsoft had to pay a license fee to them if they wanted to enable users to make PDF files. Of course, that would make Office 2007 even more expensive, so they decided to drop the feature. This is a big loss for the biggest technology company in the world, because PDF support was going to be one of the big new features in the new version of Office.

Although Office 2007 will not support PDF, you will still be able to use Beta 2 to export Office documents to the PDF format. Even after Beta 2 has expired (February 1st 2007), you can still use a so-called "PDF printer". It installs itself as a virtual printer, and all you have to do is to "print" your document like you usually do, but this time, you select the PDF printer. It will not actually print the document, it will export it to the PDF format. This works for nearly any application that enables you to print documents. A good PDF printer is PDF reDirect, you can find it over here.