Friday, February 02, 2007

[Linux] Your personalized home office on a USB drive

Imagine having your personal home office with your settings, programs and files available no matter what computer your working on*. Does that sound impossible? Well, it isn't. Pen Drive Linux has some tutorials on how to install Linux on your USB drive. Whenever you need access to your home office, just plug it into a nearby computer and boot the computer from the USB drive.

You don't need much disk space to do this. 256MB is enough to install SLAX with a graphical KDE environment on your USB drive and if you don't mind having less eye candy, Linux will require as low as 64MB of disk space (using Damn Small Linux)! If you have a bigger drive (more than 1GB), you can consider choosing Knoppix, which comes with even more fun stuff.

Websites: Pen Drive Linux, Knoppix, SLAX, Damn Small Linux

* Unfortunately, some older PCs can't boot from a USB drive. Almost every PC that's less than two years old has this functionality.

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