Sunday, March 18, 2007

[Games] Super Mario with a Tux twist

SuperTux is based on the Super Mario formula that we all came to know and love but it has a Tux twist to it, like many Linux games have. Make your way through levels with walking ice cubes, bouncing snow balls and more as you try to rescue Tux's kidnapped girlfriend(?). The current stable version is 0.1.3, but I've had no problems using the unstable 0.3.0 version on Kubuntu, which includes a whole new island called Forest Island (see second screenshot).

Download (0.3.0): Windows / Linux*
Download (0.1.9): Windows / Linux
Free and open-source

* Some distributions (such as Ubuntu) have included SuperTux v0.3.0 in their repositories. You can download it by doing sudo apt-get install supertux in a terminal.

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